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Valeria Grishko

Counsellor and Psychotherapist - Certified Sandplay Therapist


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Nothing interesting or important ever happens in a straight line. In fact, it's the quickest way to the wrong place. And don't pretend you know where you are going. Because if you know where you are going, it means you have been there before so you're going to end up right back where you started.

Naomi Newman, Travelling Jewish Theatre


Most people who seek therapeutic support search for some improvement in how they feel or what they want to achieve in their life. Sometimes we feel that our potential is not being met or what we desire most strongly eludes our reach. Family life might be disrupted by a painful experience or a children's behaviour might be problematic or concerning. Yet at other times it may seem that our sense of balance and well-being is off keel or lost.

You, your family or your child may struggle with:

  • anxiety and depression
  • nightmares and sleep problems
  • anger outbursts or mood swings,
  • eating disorders, issues with body image and weight loss
  • physical illness and its impact on your life
  • feelings of loss, separation and grief
  • family conflict
  • communication and interpersonal problems
  • difficulties getting along with others
  • parenting/behavioural challenges
  • separation, divorce and post-separation parenting
  • relationship and sexual difficulties
  • difficulties recovering from traumatic events
  • adjustments to immigration
  • sense of meaninglessness and loss of focus

Confidential, supportive and skilled therapist could help you to find a way through such challenges. Therapy can also be an invaluable tool in seeking personal growth - a safe place to explore and actualize your potential for change.

I work with adults, children, families and couples to help them to live their lives to their fullest. I offer therapy in English, Russian and French.


The only real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes but in having new eyes.
Marcel Proust



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