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Valeria Grishko

Counsellor and Psychotherapist - Certified Sandplay Therapist


Counselling and Psychotherapy Approaches

I practice using an integrative approach within a psychodynamic foundation, which means that a range of techniques and models is used to fit uniquely with what each individual brings to therapy. Therapeutic approaches that I draw upon and bring together are

•Analytical psychology
•Jungian sandplay

I believe in the embodied approach working with the human mind, which means that body awareness is an important part of bringing together different aspects of ourselves. The work of Marion Woodman and Babette Rothschild has been an inspiration to me. A balance between mind, body and spirit can be significant in reclaiming a sense of well-being and balance in life.

I have modelled my practice around a view that no two people are the same and each individual's unique life experiences and personality make-up need to be central to the therapy process. I offer both long term and short term counselling and psychotherapy. We will discuss therapy options together at the beginning, and you and I will work together to determine the length of your work. Your autonomy and needs will be central to your therapeutic process.


Individual Therapy with Adults

Working with individual adults lends itself to being able to make use of a wide range of approaches and techniques. We will consider your life experiences and historical context to better understand how you may experience your difficulties and other relationships in your life. You will be able to explore how your thoughts, feelings, worries and expectations impact your current life and personal relationships. I use an interpersonal framework to explore relational issues more effectively. Additionally, we can work with your dreams and other symbolic mediums, such as sandplay.


Children, Adolescent and Family Therapy

I work with children starting from 3-4 years old through adolescence. It is important that children are "seen" and "heard" by others around them, and it is my role to provide a safe and protected therapeutic space for that to happen.  This allows for the child to work through their fears, anxieties and challenging problems that affect how they interact with others at home and school. Sometimes children feel "labeled" and "stuck", and it can lead to feeling shut down without being able to communicate what troubles them with words. I am particularly skilled at offering a range of creative therapies for children, such as the use of art work, various types of play and sandplay therapy. 

My extensive training and knowledge of child development, attachment and neuropsychology of brain development further enhances my work with children and parents. When working with children and adolescents, I always work closely with parents to help them understand the struggles that their child may be facing and to help them improve their parenting skills, whilst preserving confidentiality of the child's or young person's therapeutic work. Sometimes additional parenting work or family therapy can be helpful.


Couple Therapy

Sometimes the life of a couple may be disrupted by arguments, disagreements around parenting styles, infidelity and communication difficulties. Help from a neutral and skilled therapist can assist in re-establishing mutual respect, emotional support, understanding and deep caring within a couple. We will be able to balance thinking about practical concerns affecting your relationship with the historical and personal contexts in which they developed.


The dark night of the soul comes just before revelation. When everything is lost, and all seems darkness, then comes the new life, and all that is needed.
Joseph Campbell, A Joseph Campbell Companion: Reflections on the Art of Living



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